Damaris Zielke
3D Character Animator

I'm a 3D Characteranimator.
I'm looking for new opportunities to work with great people, on great projects and
to continue to grow on the lifelong path of becoming an even better animator.
Let's become a part of each other's journey!


In the Diploma Project “The most boring Granny”,
i was the director as well as responsible for the Animation.
It was a great experience, to work with over 20 people on this
7 Min. 3D-Animation Shortfilm.

Password: please reach out to me to damariszielke(at)gmail.com

My reel from the year 2019-2020.
Im greateful for the journey!


Born 1992
B.A of Fine Arts in the field of Visual Communication 
// Bauhaus University Weimar

Diploma in Film/Media with the focus on Characteranimation
// Filmakademie Baden Württemberg - Animationsinstitute 

2014 - 2016
Motiondesigner at Bastei Media GmbH

Bilderfest GmbH Factual Entertainment
Motiondesign / Animation Freelancer 
Studio Soi / Animation Intern

Mackevision GmbH / Animator for a Featurefilm
2021 - 2022
Framestore / Junior Animator

Participated in the 
4th Lucerne Master Academy of Animation 2019
Participated in an intermediate 
Animsquadcourse 2019

Mentee and big fan of Thomas Grummt // Dreamworks

Thank you for reading this far!
Feel free to contact me :) 

Thank you!
Some insights of how I planed and staged the shots for "The most boring Granny in the whole world". My approach was to go from small to big, from rough to detailed. 
With every new Version I could add another level of detail. 

I really like to work with references. So much fun!